Wolf Larsen


What magic sounds like when you’re a child.
~ Nisan Perera, The Citrus Club

A canon of Renaissance paintings
~ Shareef Ali, No Gods Before Music

There are times when this music writer receives an album that knocks him senseless on the very first listen, and Wolf Larsen’s Quiet at the Kitchen Door is a knockout blow.
~ Ryan Doyer, Music Savage

This is the real fucking deal, folks.
~ Glitch, BitCandy

An amazingly gifted songstress.
~ BLURT Magazine

The album is a frail, beautiful affair that I’m only just beginning to live with. I’m pretty sure we’re going to be good friends. …In a world of somewhat disposable music, this one is staying with me for a long while.
~ Bob Boilen, NPR

I almost went through my music listening days without ever knowing about the amazing Wolf Larsen. Her album ‘Quiet At The Kitchen Door’ — which has been on repeat all week — had previously stayed completely off of my radar, and perhaps, would have forever… …And what a gem of a discovery that was. It’s an album of undeniable beauty. The kind that stops you in your tracks over and over again.
~ Jeremy Sroka, Hi54LoFi

By the time I’d learned more about her story, and played the album a few dozen more times, it had made it to my ‘Top Albums of the Decade’ list. …If one of the purposes of music is to help us make connections and draw strength from each other (and I think it is) then albums like this are the ones that we need to hold on to dearly and listen to again and again.
~ Melissa Murphy, The Independent

…innately gifted pipes more golden than a thousand new Swedish starlets vying for the same internet space, Ramey works some impenetrable wizardry.
~ Glitch, BitCandy

Our featured performer this week is none other than one of the greats to emerge the Hotel Utah scene in the last few years, the amazing Wolf Larsen. Her album, ‘Quiet At the Kitchen Door’, is a true masterpiece of delicate beauty and subtlety, led by her haunting alto and her painfully well-chosen lyrics…In her years coming to the open mic, she set the standard for unsolicited hushing: the second she puts words to microphone, a hush falls over the venue until all that can be heard is her singular voice and the light but thoughtful strum of her classical guitar. And what can I say? She’s a fox, and if we had a dream, it would be her.
~ Brendan Getzell, of The Hotel Utah

Capturing a Wolf Larsen performance on tape seems like one of those simple yet impossible tasks. On one hand, it’s all already there: the aching clarity of her voice, the spare yet elegant finger-picking on nylon strings. I want for nothing. But how do you convey the breathless hush that falls over a once-raucous barroom, the pristine stillness of the moment?

…If seeing Wolf Larsen live is scripture, then Quiet At The Kitchen Door is a canon of Renaissance paintings. The beauty and poetry of the stories is not diminished but transformed as it’s translated into a new media.

…My all-time personal favorite is “Jedi”, a lyric of which I once asked Wolf to write on my guitar. A sword inside a song. This is the weapon that Wolf wields, and Quiet At The Kitchen Door is the sound of her running you clean through.
~ Shareef Ali, No Gods Before Music


If I Be Wrong Video Premiere on NPR: http://n.pr/IPp9ZK
Wild Things Video on You Ain’t No Picasso: http://bit.ly/1bNzFx3


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